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"Send Message" Feature in Ads

"Send Message" Feature in Ads
16 September 2016

"Send Message" Feature in Ads

Google offers the messaging option, which it has been testing for a while, in the field of search engine ads. Advertisers will be able to send information to their potential customers via SMS with the innovation that will be offered as a new extension called “Click-Message”.

According to consumer research by Google; Nearly two-thirds of smartphone users use messaging apps at least 5 times a day to communicate with others. In addition, people's messaging over the phone is not just for social communication. 65% of consumers prefer to contact the authorized person over the phone to get information about a product or service or to make an appointment.

In accordance with these statistics, Google attaches great importance to call extensions in search ads, and will also enable message extensions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of ads. Thus, advertisers will be able to communicate easily via SMS, which is one of the most preferred channels of consumers.

How Is It Working?

The new extension, designed for devices with the ability to send text messages, can be used in mobile ads. In this direction, advertisers who want to use the "click-to-message" feature must also have a phone number with SMS sending-receiving feature.

It is enough to enter a few information from the AdWords Ad Extensions tab to set up the message extension, which is quite simple for those who are familiar with AdWords. Once this is done, users will see a small message icon just below the ad that pops up when they search with the relevant keywords.

When users touch the icon, a message related to the advertisement will appear on their phones. Although this message was previously edited by the advertiser; Due to the nature of the application, the user will be able to make changes to the message before sending it.

For example, let's say you run a hotel in Çeşme and you use Google search ads to reach your potential customers. With the new extension of Google, you can allow the user to send you a message when you appear in front of the user with the keywords "Cesme hotels". When the user clicks on the message icon, "I want to make a reservation, can you send more information?" A message like this may appear and he may contact you by sending this message or a new message he has edited.

The Google Adwords “click-to–message” extension, which has been in the testing phase for a while, has already experienced a few brands that want to connect to the consumer faster. You can find the opinions of the brands about the extension in the related blog post of Google.

Source: digitalajanslar.com