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A Passwordless Future With 1Password

A Passwordless Future With 1Password
29 December 2022

A Passwordless Future With 1Password

Passkeys are a passwordless login technology developed by the FIDO Alliance, whose members include most major technology companies. This technology allows users to replace traditional passwords with their device's own authentication system (such as an iPhone with Face ID) and offers greater security and protection as there is no password to be stolen or accidentally delivered by a phishing attack.

Offering support for completely passwordless authentication that will become possible with passkeys may seem surprising for a password management service, but 1Password won't be the first to do so, as Dashlane integrated passkeys into its service earlier this year. Apple introduced support for passkeys via iCloud Keychain in macOS Ventura and iOS 15. Google recently announced a passkey beta test for Chrome and Android. Microsoft has yet to announce its public testing.

1Password claims that its own service, which they call "Universal Sign On," will be superior to others by supporting multiple platforms and cross-platform synchronization when it launches next year. Passkey support offered through companies like Apple was created solely to seamlessly sync access to devices within the same ecosystem, meaning 1Password aims to support syncing across multiple ecosystems, platforms, and cross-platforms.

For 1Password users using the latest version of the extension for the Chrome web browser, there is a live demonstration of how passkeys will work, along with a video demo for those not using the service, and an index listing which websites, apps, and services are using passkeys for authentication. 1Password will bring full support for passkeys to the browser extension and desktop apps in early 2023, followed by mobile support.

Source: teknoblog.com