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Advertising Period on Google Maps

Advertising Period on Google Maps
02 June 2016

Advertising Period on Google Maps

If you're planning to hit the road with your car and use Google Maps this summer, it may not be just the people next to you who ask you to stop at a store.

The biggest search engine, Google has announced new ways for brands to advertise on Google Maps. One of these innovations is the "Add Pause" option and an advertisement that appears at the bottom of the map when you come near a store, while getting directions with the navigation feature.

These changes are part of Google's effort to make more money from Google Maps, which has over a billion users. At the I/O conference, CEO Sundar Pichai announced his plan for Google's future and stated that he envisioned a Google that touches every aspect of life, from finding restaurants while you are in the car to finding movies to watch while sitting at home. Google Maps is also a big part of it.

In addition, Google says that trillions of searches are made every year on its search engine, and more than half of them are made from phones and tablets. About a third of these mobile searches are about locations.

Another new feature will be a "Supported Point" that appears when you search for electronics stores nearby, for example. This dot will look like the markings that appear when you search for anything on Maps, but will have the company logo. According to the firm, there is currently no option to turn off these supported flags.