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Chrome Is Faster With the Update of Javascript

Chrome Is Faster With the Update of Javascript
28 March 2022

Chrome Is Faster With the Update of Javascript

With the termination of Flash, it has made the Web richer and more interactive than ever before. The JavaScript programming language, which has its downsides but is used on a large scale, also plays an important role here. This power of JavaScript, which is used in many applications both on the web and on the desktop, comes at a price. It is also seen as a significant problem that JavaScript seriously consumes the power of the internet browser. Google Chrome aims to change this with version 91. The internet company states that the latest version of Chrome runs noticeably faster and consumes less power.

Although JavaScript enables many functions, programs still need to be translated into a language that machines can understand and execute. There is a process here too. This process, defined as interpretation and compilation, causes bottlenecks in the operation of JavaScript in internet browsers.

According to information from Google, there is a middle ground between fast launching and running a JavaScript program in Chrome 91. It is stated that with the Sparkplug compiler developed for the V8 JavaScript engine, a 23 percent performance increase has been achieved in Chrome M1.

However, the improvements made with Google Chrome 91 are not limited to this. The new version of Chrome, which uses a software trick where the codes are gathered closer, thus reducing the consumption of CPU resources in simple operations. Google also underlined that this performance increase will be best seen on devices with Apple's M1 processor.