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Finding Pictures on Google Photos Gets Easier

Finding Pictures on Google Photos Gets Easier
04 April 2022

Finding Pictures on Google Photos Gets Easier

Google Photos is going through a significant change in app design. Thanks to this design change, it will be easier for users to find the photos and albums they are looking for in their library. Sharing will also become easier with the new design.

The update changes the current tab design in the library to a grid or list view that can be sorted by category. Special tabs for partner sharing, shared albums and conversations will be added to the Sharing tab.

According to information from Google, Android users will see these changes first. Distribution for Android users will begin this week. iOS users will have to wait a little longer.

Another innovation offered to Google Photos users is that photos from other platforms can be transferred to the service. Users will be able to transfer their content from other photo storage services, photos taken with the camera, and even physical photos to the service. At this point, it is worth remembering that the service's unlimited storage support was terminated as of last year.

Google Photos users will now see a tab at the top of the main feed that provides direct access to screenshots. This tab will give users quick access to the screenshots folder and make it easy to clean the folder.