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Gmail Interface Has Changed

Gmail Interface Has Changed
05 August 2022

Gmail Interface Has Changed

Gmail, one of today's most used e-mail services, has released its new design for all users today. The company, which has been working on a new interface since February, has opened this interface to all its users as of today. The new interface, which also bears traces of Google's Material Design 3 design language, hosts some important improvements and improvements.

The first change that users who visit Gmail will notice is that the texts in the left menu have been brought closer together. While there is no noticeable change in the email listing, the blocks separating all sections have much more rounded edges. The most important change will be seen in the menu.

The menu on the left side of the Gmail page can now be opened and closed. Users will be able to open and close the menu by moving the mouse pointer to the left when they close the menu. In this way, the main focus on the screen will be only the e-mail list.

If you say "I don't like the new design", Google has offered a solution for this as well. If you don't like the new design, you can revert to the previous design by following these two steps:

- Click on the Settings icon in the upper right.
- Press 'Revert to original view'.

Not only does the design change in Gmail:

In addition to the new design, Google has also decided to improve Gmail searches. In a blog post it shared, the company stated that it will offer “intent matching” based on names and email addresses, and will now offer “personalized recommendations” to users. With 'intent matching', Google will help you find topics that match your search, and Gmail will help you find exactly what you're looking for in search results.