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Google Develops New Artificial Intelligence

Google Develops New Artificial Intelligence
12 May 2023

Google Develops New Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity is coming together. Google has made available a new security suite based on the Sec-PaLM language.

Google is expanding the use of artificial intelligence. The company announced a new security package with artificial intelligence, specially designed for security. Cloud Security AI Workbench, specifically aimed at companies and commercial customers, is based on the Sec-PaLM language.

Google announced PaLM, its artificial intelligence language model a few years ago. At a new conference organized by the company, a new cyber security package supported by this language was showcased. Cloud Security AI Workbench will target major vulnerabilities.

In the company's briefing on the subject, Google said that it has developed its security tools package with Sec-PaLM. This language model was trained with popular security intelligence such as vulnerabilities, malware, threat indicators and threat actors.

However, the security package does not only get support from artificial intelligence. According to Google's statement, VirusTotal Code Insight, which analyzes malicious scripts, is included in Cloud Security AI Workbench. Malware detection will be processed with VirusTotal.

For now, we do not know how successful artificial intelligence tools will be in the field of cyber security. Considering that threat actors take advantage of a new vulnerability every day, let's point out that it is not possible for artificial intelligence to provide full protection.

This is just one of the areas where artificial intelligence will be used. For example, according to Bill Gates, in the future, children will learn to read and write with artificial intelligence.