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Google Displays Liked Content

Google Displays Liked Content
11 January 2024

Google Displays Liked Content

Google has introduced a service that allows you to view liked, followed, and saved content all in one place:

In late 2020, Google Discover added a like button, offering users the opportunity to provide feedback on article recommendations. Now, for easier access to this content, you can use the address

While the like button was initially designed for feedback, it has gradually been used to access genuinely liked content. Previously offered in a section called Google Activity, this feature began losing its functionality in recent months, replaced by the address

This new address opens a simple webpage with three main tabs: "Saved," "Liked," and "Followed." You can access this page from the bottom bar of the Google app on Android or directly through the specified URL. Although the user interface is optimized for mobile devices, web usage is also quite convenient.

The "Saved" section displays bookmarked "Search" and "Discover" content, while the "Followed" tab focuses on notifications related to searches you follow. The "Liked" section provides a summary of all the content and YouTube videos you've liked in Discover. Each card includes a cover image, title, and domain information. This historical view covers content in your account up until the beginning of 2021.

While Google's current archive is intriguing, further improvements in the future could make it even more user-friendly.