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Google Introduces a Programming Language

Google Introduces a Programming Language
16 August 2022

Google Introduces a Programming Language

Google developers have launched a new "experimental" open-source programming language called Carbon, which they see as an heir to the now obsolete C++, one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to software and programming.

Google, which has been working on many issues, has recently developed an artificial intelligence that can produce policies suitable for everyone with its DeepMind team. In addition, the company has created an artificial intelligence development platform called "Cloud AutoML Vision" in recent years, where you can develop pictures with a drag-and-drop interface without requiring code. Continuing its work in this field, Google introduced a new programming language that it positions as the heir of C++.

Carbon is pretty similar to C++ code

The name of the new programming language that Google introduced at the Cpp North Developer Event in Toronto was Carbon. Sharing important details about Carbon's vision, Google did not make any statement about the stage of development. However, Google developers and developer Chandler Carruth have created a programming language that is pretty good together.

According to the statements made by the developers, the biggest reason Carbon is similar to C++ is the performance it offers. At the same time, the developers, who stated that they managed to eliminate all the deficiencies and problems in C++, explained that the code of Carbon's programming language is very similar to the C++ code, and even in many respects they are the same.

Developers plan to build a more secure build over time

The dev team wants to release a basic working version by the end of the year. Carbon will build on a foundation on modern programming principles, including a generics system that will eliminate the need to check and recheck code for each instantiation.

Another missing and needed feature in C++ is memory security. Carbon's developers are looking for ways to better track uninitialized states, design APIs and programming language that support dynamic bounds checks, and create a comprehensive default debug build mode. The developers also plan to create a secure subset of Carbon over time.

According to the statements, Carbon will support:

- Performance critical software
- Software and language development
- Easy to read, understand and write code
- Practical security and testing mechanisms
- Fast and scalable development
- Modern operating system platforms, hardware architectures and environments
- Interoperability and migration with existing C++ code.

Although Carbon is the result of a collaboration with Google, the developers want it to be a standalone project run by the community. The new programming language, which is still in the experimental stage, is distributing on Github under the Apache 2.0 license and its development stages will be discussed on Discord.