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Google Is Changing Its Mobile Design

Google Is Changing Its Mobile Design
20 February 2023

Google Is Changing Its Mobile Design

Google is changing the design of its mobile app. The company will switch to Material You design.

Google has been testing the new Material You design of its mobile app for a long time. The new design of the application began to emerge in almost all its details. Apart from the new design, there are also many features that will improve the user experience.

The new design of Google mobile will help users

In the new design of the Google mobile application, there will be suggestions in small boxes that will be located just below the search engine. These boxes will have search suggestions that users can search for. Thanks to the boxes, Google users will get information from the search engine in a practical way without doing any search.

The difference in the profile photo of the Google account is also striking in the design change. It currently enframes Google's brand colors of red, blue, green, and yellow to the profile photo, while previously it was used in any single color profile photo frame set by the company.

Another noticeable difference in the new design is in the font. Thanks to the changed font, Settings options in the Google app will be easier to seperate from each other.

Last, a feature rolled for smartphone users with AMOLED screen feature. Smartphone users with AMOLED screens will now have a completely black screen in a completely dark theme. In addition to the Google Android mobile design, the search engine will also offer the option to switch accounts by clicking on the profile photo, as in the desktop version.

The Google mobile Material You design has become available to all users in its latest beta version. It is not yet clear when these new features will come to the stable version.