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Google Perspectives Shows Diverse Viewpoints

Google Perspectives Shows Diverse Viewpoints
31 July 2023

Google Perspectives Shows Diverse Viewpoints

Google Perspectives, a search filter introduced during Google I/O, is now accessible on mobile devices. This filter presents content with different viewpoints related to your search query. The Perspectives feature allows users to discover videos, images, and posts shared on social media communities and forum sites, offering a unique way to gather information and make informed decisions.

According to a tweet from Google SearchLiaison, the Perspectives filter is now available on mobile web and the Google app for searches but its currently limited to US/English. This filter becomes particularly useful when seeking insights from other individuals.

Perspectives Results vs. Standard SERPs:

In contrast to standard Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), Perspectives combines various content types, such as videos, social media posts, news, Q&A, and forum discussions from select sources. This compilation provides authentic viewpoints on the queried topic, offering a fresh and diverse perspective.

Top Content Types In Google Perspectives:

When using the Perspectives filter, users will come across the following content types and their usefulness in satisfying search queries:

YouTube Videos: Product reviewers, customers, and brands' videos are frequently featured in Perspectives. Users can gauge the video's popularity, depth, and relevance through information such as views, length, and upload date.

TikTok Videos: While not as common as YouTube, TikTok videos are also mixed into Perspectives results, accompanied by view counts and upload dates.

Reddit Posts: Perspectives include relevant Reddit posts, displaying age of the post and the number of comments for quick evaluation.

Quora Posts: Posts from Quora, a popular Q&A platform, are also integrated into Perspectives, along with the age of the post.

StackOverflow Answers: For technical searches, Perspectives may include StackOverflow answers with the ages of the comments, aiding users in accessing the most recent information or the oldest information if they need it.

Tweets: Perspectives may show Tweets related to the search query, providing information on the age of the tweet and the number of likes received.

Instagram Posts: Similarly, Instagram posts can appear in Perspectives, along with the number of likes and age of the post.

Forum Discussions: Google occasionally presents outdated forum posts in the form of Perspectives for certain search queries.

Blog Posts & News Articles: While Google Discover focuses on up-to-date news, Google Perspectives may offer slightly dated results for queries seeking the most recent information.

How To Rank In Google Perspectives:

To enhance your content's visibility in Google Perspectives for business, products, services, or target keywords, consider the following strategies:

Publish content on platforms commonly included in Perspectives results, such as YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and others.

Use optimized images and videos in your social media posts and news articles, as they tend to generate higher social media engagement and perform well in Perspectives.

Promote your content to drive social signals like video views, likes, and comments, which are displayed in Google Perspectives results.

Consider adding a forum or discussion board on your website to build valuable user-generated content and address frequently asked questions about your products and services.

Optimize your existing content by ensuring that the targeted keywords are still relevant for traffic and conversions.

Add optimized images and videos to your existing blog posts, forum discussions, and other editable website content to offer diverse perspectives on your offerings.

Edit and optimize your existing YouTube videos' titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and visibility.

Improve and optimize your existing answers on Quora.

By creating valuable content tailored to your target audience and implementing the aforementioned optimizations, you can increase your visibility in Google Perspectives. Remember to continually engage with your content until it gains significant social engagement.