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Google Put My Ads Center System In Use

Google Put My Ads Center System In Use
17 November 2022

Google Put My Ads Center System In Use

Google previously officially announced the following for the My Ads Center system: “Privacy and security are at the core of our product innovation. We believe the best ads are useful, relevant and safe. That's why we're launching My Ads Center later this year to give users even more control over the ads they see on YouTube, Search and Discover. My Ads Center will improve user experiences and help your business thrive in a privacy-first environment. Users will be able to have detailed settings about their ad experience using powerful and simplified controls. Advertisers don't need to take any action."

My Ads Center will be available later this year, and it will replace the Ads Settings and About This Ad sections.

According to the information presented today, Google has started to activate the new era overseas. Thanks to this infrastructure, people will be able to customize the ads offered by Google like never before, put the unwanted ads into the background, and highlight the ads of the brands they like. The technology company, whose biggest income is from advertisements, aims to make people like their advertisements more with this infrastructure. We expect this infrastructure to be activated in Turkey soon via