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Google Renewed: Algorithm Is Changing!

Google Renewed: Algorithm Is Changing!
11 April 2022

Google Renewed: Algorithm Is Changing!

Google announced in a blog post it shared today that its algorithm has changed and it has made adjustments to searches. The company started to work to prevent the spread of untrue news last year. Now, in addition to these works, it has introduced new features for users to reach the right information more quickly and reliably.

Google is the world's most used and most reliable search engine with a market share of 69.89%. However, unreliable information can also enter among too many sources. So, what are the measures Google has taken for these problems? Let's take a look at the details of the news together.

Google algorithm will provide faster and more reliable results!

The first of the new features of the search engine Google, and the most noticeable, will be to add the most cited tag to the news. This new feature will find the first source and most read of a news and add tags. In searches, it will highlight the most cited tagged news. But for this feature to work, other news will need to link to the original source.

Google's second and most notable feature was the Verification Check. Google Verification Check feature will direct you to articles to verify news after searching. In addition, the Google News section will feature the most read independent news broadcasts of the day.

Another feature that the search engine offered was the "More About This Page" tab. This feature, as the name suggests, will provide information about websites.

The last feature added to Google's algorithm was the search result, which showed that there was no information on the subject yet. All of these features are currently only available in the US. The innovations will reach other countries in the future.