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Google's AI Will Light Up the Night

Google's AI Will Light Up the Night
26 September 2022

Google's AI Will Light Up the Night

Taking pictures in low light is a challenge these days, even on high-end devices. The new artificial intelligence developed by Google aims to solve these problems in an extraordinary way.

Google Research is working on a new AI-based noise reduction technology that could revolutionize photography in low-light conditions. The revealed tool promises strong noise reduction and minimal distortion.

With the development of smartphones, photography has come a long way today. However, no matter how advanced the camera sensors are, there are always pollution and noise factors in photos taken in very low light conditions. Manufacturers aim to improve the experience by using various software to minimize this situation. Google's new noise reduction solution literally illuminates the dark.

Can Change the Rules of the Game

Google's new artificial intelligence tool is called RawNeRF and forms part of the open source project known as MultiNeRF. Thanks to its algorithms, RawNeRF impressively improves photographic scenes and keeps quality loss to a minimum. It should be noted that similar competitor technologies are well ahead of them.

RawNeRF is not just a noise and pollution removal tool. Thanks to the tool, it can recreate different scenes and colors of the image together with algorithms. In this way, it becomes possible to interfere with exposure, focus and many more details. Let's underline that while the researchers' development on the tool continues, the artificial intelligence is currently trained on raw image data instead of just JPEG.

Although the shared sample images and videos are exciting, it remains unclear when this technology will enter our smartphones. However, when we look at the results, we also see that we have a grown system, so our wait will not take long.