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Google, YouTube Experience Coming to Chromecast!

Google, YouTube Experience Coming to Chromecast!
31 January 2022

Google, YouTube Experience Coming to Chromecast!

Google turned the Chromecast into a full streaming box last year with an all-new interface, menus, and dedicated remote for navigating apps. Currently, millions of old Chromecasts are still plugged into TVs. With a new update, the company made the YouTube platform work more like a real app.

The company announced the change on Twitter today, highlighting an enhanced feature to browse subscriptions or recommended videos. Now, instead of displaying a general splash screen, YouTube comes up with the classic TV-friendly user interface.

Google updates Chromecast device from March

This move by Google was a big improvement over the classic method of selecting and publishing content. Currently, the current situation is limited to a single application. At this point, users are left in their minds whether other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu will add their own user interfaces. If you are a first or second generation Chromecast user, you have to settle for the classic interface.

This experience that Google brought to YouTube began to appear from March. People running the Chromecast device got new features like resolution controls, subtitles, and the ability to add to playlist/queue. At this point, the YouTube home screen on other smart TVs came. So now the platform includes other lines like Search, Home, News, Music, Game, Movies & Shows, Subscriptions and Library.

You can navigate the user interface with a built-in remote via the YouTube app on your phone. There is a D-Pad with a back button and voice search. In addition, some physical TV remotes also provide compatibility with Chromecast.