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How to Use Social Platforms For Sales

How to Use Social Platforms For Sales
11 August 2023

How to Use Social Platforms For Sales

As peak season approaches rapidly, harnessing the power of social shopping is paramount for brands seeking to effectively engage Gen Z and Millennials. In this context, we delve into strategies for standing out on social platforms to unlock success in sales.

Studies reveal that a staggering 91% of consumers place the highest trust in recommendations from friends and family, surpassing other forms of advertising. This underscores the significant potential of social commerce, provided it is wielded skillfully.

The upwards of 21 million active monthly users on Snapchat in the UK serve as a prime example, consistently using the platform to share purchases and seek advice from friends regarding their buying choices.

At a recent event marking the commencement of the shopping season, Claudine Clark, Senior Client Partner at Snap, highlighted the profound influence that friends and family wield over shopping decisions. She emphasized the role of social platforms in collecting feedback and opinions from one's inner circle.

This presents a considerable opportunity for brands to engage with Snapchatters along their social commerce journey. Various avenues can be explored. For instance, retailers can employ Augmented Reality (AR) try-on filters that enable Snapchatters to virtually try on sunglasses and shoes. Brands can also utilize total app takeovers to gain 100% share of voice for initial impressions across video and camera placements for 24 hours.

Delving deeper into Snapchat's AR capabilities, Snapchatters can directly shop within the app or the retailer's app after trying on items. Beyond entertainment and aiding product decisions, this technology has the potential to reduce returns by enhancing the customer's sense of fit and feel.

Infusing Entertainment into Shopping

The end-of-year shopping season transcends mere commerce; it encompasses celebration with loved ones. Brands should strategize on connecting with audiences through creative and entertaining content that taps into key celebratory moments.

Kate Mellett, Creative Strategist at Snap, advises brands to embrace creativity and explore ways to engage customers during various occasions, not just major holidays. A broader perspective allows brands to align with and support the diverse meanings behind these moments.

A 2022 NRG study commissioned by Snap Inc reveals that a significant portion of Snapchatters prioritize celebrating small everyday moments and even make purchases to mark these occasions. Brands can participate in these moments before, during, and after, thereby driving sales and enhancing ROI.

Integrating Your Brand into the Shopping Journey

The online shopping experience has seen limited evolution over the past decades, largely featuring static product feeds. To create a more customer-centric shopping environment, brands need to shift the focus from the products themselves to the shoppers.

An illustrative case from Snap's 2022 peak season involves Nike's body tracking filter, employed as part of a back-to-school campaign. This filter engaged parents seeking holiday activities for their children, strategically placing Nike at the forefront of parental considerations. This paved the way for subsequent targeted efforts to encourage in-the-moment shopping.

By cultivating a public profile on Snapchat and embracing a multifaceted approach beyond ad formats, brands can tap into the fact that users who follow a brand profile are more likely to visit the brand's website and engage in actions like adding items to the cart.

Embracing Social Strategies for Peak Shopping

To optimize your brand's potential on Snapchat during peak seasons, the following expert tips are recommended:

Have an always-on presence: embrace the different celebratory moments

Start early: back to school is just around the corner, so start activating now

Diversify your format strategy: ensure you have a presence across the camera through a mix of AR video app and dynamic ads

Get the measurement in place: using Snap’s pixel app and event quality source score solution can help test what’s working to be able to adapt campaigns accordingly.