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Instagram Reels Surpasses TikTok and Facebook

Instagram Reels Surpasses TikTok and Facebook
30 January 2024

Instagram Reels Surpasses TikTok and Facebook

The results from Emplifi reveal a change in the performance dynamics of Instagram Reels, with longer videos surpassing short-form content.

Amidst the dominance of TikTok, Emplifi's research suggests that Meta's Instagram platform still holds promise for advertisers. However, tapping into this potential will necessitate a shift in advertiser strategies.

Instagram Reels, crafted to emulate TikTok's longer videos that persist in creators' feeds, demand more time and effort to produce compared to Stories—shorter videos lasting 15 seconds or less that vanish from feeds within 24 hours. As brands outline their social marketing strategies for 2024, Emplifi's CMO, Zarnaz Arlia, suggests considering more Reels and extended-form videos.

Arlia stated, "The underlying theme here is that there are untapped opportunities for the brands that are willing to lean further into their Instagram video strategy and make Reels part of their social media campaigns. The data shows that audiences are responding positively to longer videos—the key is producing entertaining and valuable content that keeps them watching."

According to Insider Intelligence, consumers dedicate more time to watching social videos than any other social media content format, constituting 56% of the time U.S. adults spend on social media channels, marking a 15% increase over the past three years.

While video length plays a crucial role on Instagram, it holds less significance on TikTok. Emplifi's research indicates that longer Instagram Reels garnered a median of 8,372 views compared to TikTok's 3,379 views. Likewise, Reels with shorter durations (less than 30 seconds) received a median of 6,145 views, and medium-length Reels (30 to 60 seconds) had a median of 7,830 views. The significant difference in views is attributed to Instagram's emphasis on prioritizing Reels on its platform.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook Reels' performance is on par with its constituent company, having three times more median views than any other video content on the platform.