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Magic Eraser Is Open to All Google One Users

Magic Eraser Is Open to All Google One Users
09 March 2023

Magic Eraser Is Open to All Google One Users

The very useful photo editing feature “Magic Eraser” for Google Photos is now available to all Google One users.

The “MagicEraser” feature has been in Google Photos for a long time, but it has been left exclusively to Google-signed devices such as Pixel 6 series, Pixel 6a and Pixel 7 until now. Taking a good step in this matter today, Google announced that the feature is open to all Google One subscribers on the Android and iOS side. The feature, which will be fully activated for everyone soon, allows people to delete unwanted objects or people from photos.

The effective feature is one of the most powerful options in mobile and works very fast, and now it is being brought to even old phones as part of the new step. There are other applications that offer this feature, but the algorithms developed by Google work better than many competitors in cleaning unwanted objects, the system of Google can even identify objects that can be deleted on its own, without needing manual selection.

There were some opportunities for Google Photos that were left exclusive to Pixel before, apart from the Magic Eraser feature. For example, there was a very popular "Locked Folder" feature in the application. Thanks to this feature, people could hide their sensitive photos and videos within the service by locking them with a password or fingerprint. The company explained it this way: “In the Photos app, you can save sensitive photos and videos in a folder protected by your device's screen lock. Items in the Locked Folder will not appear in the Photos table, memories, searches, or albums, and cannot be used by other apps on your device that have access to your photos and videos.” This useful feature was only available for certain Pixel devices for a long time. This situation was later changed and the feature was opened to everyone on Android and iOS, just like the situation with the Magic Eraser feature.