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Marketing Strategy for Gen Z at the Festival Season

Marketing Strategy for Gen Z at the Festival Season
10 May 2024

Marketing Strategy for Gen Z at the Festival Season

The onset of festival season marks a cultural phenomenon that brands shouldn't overlook — and it's not just about the music scene. Whether it's a lively crowd immersed in nature or soaking up the beach atmosphere in Miami, marketers have a chance to connect with Gen Z in a significant manner, especially on social media where they can secure this generation's allegiance. So, what type of content does Gen Z desire from brands beyond the festival realm on social platforms? Let's explore.

Get in on the pre-festival excitement

Spread some inspiration

The period preceding festivals presents an ideal chance for brands to establish themselves as a primary source of guidance and inspiration for festival attendees. For instance, they can showcase outfits ideal for Coachella, must-have makeup for Austin City Limits, versatile nail designs to complement any festival attire, or simple hairstyles to endure the scorching sunny days. By positioning themselves as experts in the field, brands can strengthen their bond with their audience and foster continuous interaction.

Content designed to induce FOMO

As brands aim to engage with Gen Z during festival season, it's crucial to interact not only with those physically present at these events but also with those experiencing FOMO (the fear of missing out) from a distance. By bringing the festival vibes directly to screens, brands can alleviate FOMO and make Gen Z feel connected to the excitement, even if they're not there in person.

Keep yourself informed

To capture Gen Z's attention during festival season, staying abreast of the event's thrilling moments and responding promptly is key.

For example, when an artist unveils a surprise guest or when there's buzz surrounding unexpected celebrity occurrences, leverage the ongoing discussions and devise clever, entertaining ways to participate actively. Take, for instance, BMW's initiative before Frank Ocean's Coachella performance, where they shared a brief video featuring an orange BMW E30 M3, mirroring the car depicted on the cover of his renowned mixtape "Nostalgia, Ultra." Many brands also capitalize on the release of the Coachella lineup poster, adapting its format and design to create a similar lineup featuring their own consumer-focused offerings.

Prioritize self-expression

Self-expression holds paramount importance for Gen Z, and festivals provide a space where they can freely embrace their authentic selves without fear of judgment, fostering connections with fellow like-minded individuals.

Within festival culture, numerous niche subcommunities exist, such as #ravegirls and #girlypops. Referring to someone as a "girly pop," in particular, is a form of admiration and a simple way for a brand to convey, "I acknowledge and appreciate you."

When a brand connects with the distinctive identities of festival-goers and highlights what resonates with them (such as the atmosphere, attire, etc.), it makes them feel acknowledged and valued, akin to receiving recognition from a friend.

In summary, Gen Z's expectations of brands during festival season revolve around entering the dialogue early, remaining informed throughout the events, and embracing Gen Z's passion for self-expression. By comprehending and meeting these expectations, brands can successfully interact with them and establish significant connections that transcend the festival environment.