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New Audience Updates From Microsoft Ads

New Audience Updates From Microsoft Ads
31 October 2023

New Audience Updates From Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising has unveiled a series of updates for Audience Ads, aiming to enhance ad campaign effectiveness, expand reach, and provide more options for specific verticals. Here are six key updates from Microsoft Advertising:

Automated Bidding Options: Microsoft is introducing "Maximize Conversions" and "Target CPA" features, allowing automatic adjustments of real-time bids for the maximum conversions or a target cost per action (CPA) over a 30-day period.

Expanded Global Reach: Microsoft has expanded the availability of Audience Ads to 58 new markets in August, now covering a total of 187 markets globally.

Predictive Targeting: The new "Predictive Targeting" for Audience Ads utilizes Microsoft's audience intelligence to identify audiences with a higher likelihood of conversion, even those not typically considered by advertisers.

New Placements: Microsoft is introducing additional placements for Audience Ads, starting with Windows computer game interfaces and expanding to all Microsoft Casual Games by 2024.

Ads in Microsoft 365 Apps: Audience Ad placements will now be available in the free Microsoft 365 app for US consumers, with an expected rollout for EU Android users in January 2024.

Video and CTV Ads: Microsoft Advertising is launching Video and Connected TV (CTV) Ads to connect brands with high-value audiences through online video and CTV partners.

Furthermore, Microsoft is renaming "Hotel Campaigns" to "Lodging Campaigns" to encompass a broader range of accommodations beyond traditional hotels. Additionally, Microsoft is introducing more vertical-specific ads across its search partner network, including Credit Card and Property Promotion ads. A unique offering is "Property Promotion Ads for Vacation Rentals," catering to vacation rental customers.

Microsoft plans to introduce more professional services ads, including Automotive and Tours and Activities. They also encourage advertisers to explore the Performance Max open beta for predictive solutions and automated workflows.

These updates demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to empowering brands and advertisers with effective tools to reach their target audiences and drive conversions.