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Searching Your Own Ads on Google

Searching Your Own Ads on Google
25 March 2016

Searching Your Own Ads on Google

We become aware how to see our own ads, as the Google Adwords Turkey team clearly explains in the video;

We know you're wondering how your ads appear in Google searches after you enable them. Many advertisers, who cannot see their ads by searching their ads on the Google search engine, are worried and think that the ads are not running, and contact the AdWords support team or the agency they work for.

If you do not search for your own keywords more than once and click on the ads, you will not see the ads.

Imagine searching for your own keywords and not clicking on your ad. Since one of the most important features in the Google AdWords system is to show the ads that the user thinks are relevant to that person, since you do not click on your own ad, it thinks that your search is not related to your ad result and starts not showing your ad to you.

Even if you can search and see your own ad, if you don't click on your ad, you will also reduce your ad performance. Since your ad is viewed but not clicked, your click-through rate decreases and this negatively affects your quality score.

To check whether your ad is running or not, we recommend using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool instead of searching for your keywords in the Google search engine.

Source: Google Adwords Turkey