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Web Hosting Trends of 2023

Web Hosting Trends of 2023
20 March 2023

Web Hosting Trends of 2023

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in web hosting is essential to choosing the ideal hosting solution for your business. Here is a list of web hosting trends to consider:

1- Managed Web Hosting

According to a comprehensive report by Allied Market Research, the increase in the number of SMEs creating their online presence is one of the main drivers of the growth of the web hosting industry. Such businesses often turn to web hosting providers for managed solutions, as they do not have the internal IT staff or technical skills to set up and manage a website. Recognizing the potential in this industry, web hosting providers offer email account setup and management, backup and security, website development, graphic design and anything else that can help small businesses grow online as part of their range of managed hosting services. It is precisely because of this increasing need and demand that the managed web hosting market is expected to grow day by day. Its market share was $223 billion in 2020, but it is estimated to increase to $329.1 billion by 2025.

2- Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting, which requires websites to be hosted on a network of servers rather than a single physical server, is expected to continue to be widely adopted in 2023. Because cloud hosting comes with a number of benefits; some of the most notable of these are scalability, reliability and cost efficiency.

3- Security

One of the reasons cybersecurity is increasingly affecting the web hosting industry is that small business websites are more often affected by cyberattacks. Although the biggest and most devastating cyberattacks still target large companies and services that host the data of millions of users, SMBs are increasingly being targeted.

According to the SiteLock Website Security report of 2022, WordPress sites are 39 times more likely to be infected with malware than non-CMS sites. In addition, 9% of WordPress sites have been found to have at least one vulnerability. The most worrying statistic in the report is that 48% of SMEs think they are too small to be hacked. But with SMEs facing 228 million cyber threats a month, it's clear that every website owner needs to focus on security.

As you can understand from the numbers, the importance of web hosting security is expected to continue to increase in 2023, as a result of the increasing number of cyber threats. That's why before purchasing a hosting plan, you need to make sure you choose a web hosting service that provides solid security features such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and frequent security upgrades.

4- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of artificial intelligence in web hosting is not a new practice, but it is certainly one of the fastest growing. AI applications have been identified as one of the most important market share trends in Technavio's Web Hosting Market Research Report. The report highlights the benefits of using artificial intelligence in conjunction with predictive analytics and machine learning to increase website security and improve performance. Web hosting providers can provide automated alerts about suspicious behavior and in-depth traffic analysis to prevent performance drops with advanced AI tools. AI can also enable self-healing systems that help identify potential problems and prevent them from happening. Because of all these advantages, artificial intelligence is predicted to play a more important role in web hosting in 2023.

5- 5G

In 2023, the deployment of 5G networks is predicted to have a major impact on web hosting. As a result of higher speed and lower latency, 5G will enable the implementation of new hosting technologies and solutions such as edge computing.

6- Scalability

The importance of scalability in web hosting is also predicted to increase in 2023 as a direct result of the continued expansion and development of businesses. At this point you need to make sure you choose a hosting option that can accommodate the growth of your company at some point in the future.

7- Being Environmentally Friendly

In 2023, the environmental impact of hosting is predicted to be a more important factor. At this point, it is expected that web hosting companies that use renewable energy sources and have environmentally friendly policies and procedures will become more popular.

8- Personalization

In 2023, businesses are expected to turn to hosting providers that offer more personalized solutions to meet their individual demands. It is estimated that more hosting companies will offer personalized services in response to the increasing demand for personalized services.

9- Containerization

The use of containers, which are small, self-contained and portable packages that contain everything a software needs to run, is predicted to become increasingly common in the web hosting industry in 2023. Why? Because containers have the potential to help increase the efficiency and scalability of hosting infrastructures.

10- Hybrid Hosting

It is predicted that in 2023, hybrid hosting, which includes a combination of various hosting solutions such as cloud and on-premises hosting, will become increasingly common. The adaptability and scalability of cloud hosting combined with the control and security of on-premises hosting will make hybrid hosting an attractive option for businesses that want the best of both worlds.

Source: donanimhaber.com