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What Is Early Stable Release Of Google?

What Is Early Stable Release Of Google?
09 January 2023

What Is Early Stable Release Of Google?

Google Chrome is one of the internet browsers that is used in the homes of millions of people. The search engine leader has decided to be the pioneer of a new concept, which is said to be a version between the beta version and the stable version. The beta version is the underdeveloped version, which is open to new developments, and the stable version is the version which is developed completely in terms of infrastructure. The new "early stable release" is said to be in between of these two versions.

Users will meet this new regulation in version 110 of Chrome (Chrome 110). This version will not be as full of deficiencies as the beta version, nor will it host a solid infrastructure as the stable version.

Google stated that this intermediate version is not available to everyone. Most of the users will continue with stable versions without seeing this intermediate version. The distribution schedule for Chrome 110 is as follows:

Beta: 12 January 2023
Early Stable Release: 1 February 2023
Stable Release: 7 February 2023

Thanks to the early stabilized version, Google wants to clear it of errors and present it perfectly to all users before releasing the stable version.

Google wants to present stable releases to users with perfection from the very beginning by not bearing any errors. The bugs that could not be detected in the beta version are aimed to be eliminated in this new phase.

Source: donanimhaber.com