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The most prominent innovation of today is the internet. In addition to social media, the internet allows for short-term research and sharing. Along with the use of social media, the use of the internet has also increased significantly and gained popularity. Today, with the transfer of most things to the digital environment, people have started to move their companies and firms to the digital environment. In addition, the internet environment can work faster than other environments. One of the elements that will represent you or your company in the digital environment is the design of your website.

In order to be able to create websites, you will first need a "domain" and a "hosting" process where the pages will be hosted. After domain and hosting operations, your website is published. After the website is published, the sitemap of the website is sent to Google. The website is indexed and displayed by visitors in Google search results.

The main elements of web design are; layout, color, graphics, fonts, and content. The content on your website can consist of visual elements, videos and written text. In addition, the content on your website is one of the factors that will affect you to rank higher or lower in Google search results.

Websites are generally used for commercial and promotional purposes. It not only helps you to promote the products you produce in your company over the internet, but also allows you to sell over the internet with the necessary arrangements on the site panel. This creates mutual benefit between website visitors and website owner. A site that provides mutual benefits can be considered as a project that has achieved its purpose. Whether you use your website for commercial or promotional purposes, it will add value to your or your company's identity.

When It comes to the advantages of having a website, it saves you and your customers time. It enables the customer that will reach you to reach and contact you in a shorter time. It can also make fast communication accessible in the business process. When you want to promote on your website, the internet environment will be accessible for 24 hours. The prolongation of your promotion and sales time also provides great returns for you and your company.

Another advantage of the website is that you can constantly have a new customer base. The more your website is visited, the more likely you are to gain new customers. You will have the opportunity to grow your firm or company with new customers. If you do not do business with your old customers, even if they stop working with you, you will ensure your business by attracting new customers.

Having a website also opens the door to global recognition. Your firm or company can take you to higher levels by appearing in search engines around the world. In this way, your firm or company reaches new potential customers much faster. It is not possible for other advertising platforms (magazines, catalogs, etc.) to reach such a large customer in such a short time. However, considering the benefits that websites will provide you, the pricing is quite reasonable and affordable.

As MO Agency, we do all the work that requires expertise in web design. Considering the priorities and standards of the contemporary internet world, we prepare websites with a management panel that is compatible with all devices with the combination of web technologies such as HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS.